The Pelagic Sailing Club (PSC) Facebook page is the official PSC social media page.

URL (a.k.a internet address, a.k.a web link): Facebook.com/PelagicSailingClub

To view and participate in the Facebook page, enrollment in a Facebook account with a personal Facebook profile is required. Re: Facebook.com/Help. (Enrollment and participation by PSC members, applicants, and visitors is encouraged but optional).

To locate the PSC Facebook page use any of the following methods:
(You must first be logged on to your Facebook account)

  • Select (mouse click, finger or stylus tap, highlight, key, etc.) the above URL.
  • Type or copy/paste the above link into the address field of any web browser (ex.: Apple Safari, Google Chrome, MS Edge, MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.).
  • From any Facebook page enter “Pelagic Sailing Club” (and not: Pelagic Sailing Center) into the Search field.
  • In search engines other than Facebook, search for “Pelagic Sailing Club” (and not: Pelagic Sailing Center) and select the link that appears above.
  • Set and select the URL as a bookmark, favorite, link, short-cut, or speed-dial.
Facebook Administrators
Past Commodore pastcommodore@pelagicsailingclub.org
Fleet Captain: Membership fc-membership@pelagicsailingclub.org
Web Master webmaster@pelagicsailingclub.org