How to Post to the Gallery

Members and guest speakers are invited to contribute to the Photo Gallery.

Send via email:
Subject: Pelagic Sailing Club Photo Gallery

Photo Captions and Descriptions:

Ideally, each photo should include captions or descriptions such as:

  • Date taken
  • Location
  • Name of Vessel
  • Name of skipper, crew, and guests depicted.
  • Venue and/or event

Photo Albums and Cloud Drives:

The preferred method, especially for any number of photos, is to collect the photos in a single protected personal or shared photo album or cloud drive (DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.) folder. A protected link may be included in the general text area of the email. But, do not include passwords. The will contact the sender to obtain secure access.

Alternately, a temporary Pelagic Sailing Club DropBox folder can be provided.

Email Attachments:

A single or small number of photos may sent as email attachments. The photos may be attached as graphic (GIF, JPEG, etc.) files, embedded in attached documents (Doc, PDF, etc.), or archived in compressed (Zip, etc.) files. Caption details may be entered in the general text area of the email.


  • The sender must be a Pelagic Sailing Club member or guest speaker. The sender’s “From” email address should be one listed in the Pelagic member roster or the Pelagic Yahoo Group, or a recognized guest speaker’s address. (email received from unknown addresses are suspect as potentially dangerous SPAM).
  • Before submitting photos, obtain consent from all who are portrayed.

Advice or Assistance:

Contact the for advice, assistance, or to discuss any other method of delivery (flash drives, etc.)