Member Access

The “Members Corner” page and all pages below (other than this “Member Access” page) are protected. Access is granted to Pelagic Sailing Club Members only.

To obtain access:

  • New members will receive access instructions from the Fleet Captain of Membership (
  • Current members may request access via email to the Pelagic Webmaster:

Subject: Pelagic Members Corner
(On the Subject line, do not use terms such as “access”, “password”, “permission”, etc.)

Send the email from an address that is listed as yours in the Pelagic Member Roster, or registered as your Pelagic Yahoo Group member email address.
(Unrecognized email addresses will be suspect as potentially dangerous SPAM).

To view protected pages:

When you select Menu entry “Members Corner“, or any of the selections under it (other than “Member Access”) you will prompted for a password (as depicted below).

Protected Page Password Prompt

Protected Page Password Prompt

Enter the password exactly as given by the Fleet Captain: Membership or the Pelagic Webmaster. Use any and all delimiters, letters, numbers, spaces, and/or special characters, in the exact case (upper, lower, or mixed).

Once the password is accepted you will have access to all pages during the current session. Save the password in a secure location. If your browser is set to remember passwords, you will be able to return to any protected page without the password again unless or until:

  • The browser Password Save option is off or unavailable.
  • The browser Password Save term expires.
  • The browser password buffer is cleared by a “Clean” option.
  • You try to access any protected page from another device or from a different browser on the same device.

In you are again prompted as in any of the above cases, just reenter the same password.

Contact for any questions or comments.