Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What are the benefits of joining The Pelagic Sailing Club?

Boat owners get crew whose sailing ability have been evaluated.

Crew make connections with and get to know boat owners and skippers who will invite them out for a sail. Crew can sail with confidence on a boat they are not familiar with knowing the captain and boat have been evaluated.

Skipper members have experience similar to a boat owner sailing from being a former boat owner and/or chartering.

 Can Boat Owners get help on their boats?

During spring commissioning and in the fall when the boat is being put to bed, crew are encouraged to help with maintenance tasks such as cleaning, polishing, and varnishing.

All members benefit from community of The Pelagic Sailing Club which is nurtured through social events and Monthly Public Meetings.

Pelagic Sailing Club is a member of the Massachusetts Bay Yacht Club Association (MBYCA). Our members receive reciprocal privileges at other MBYCA affiliated yacht clubs.

How do I join The Pelagic Sailing Club?

Most people interested in membership attend a Public Meeting to get a sense of what the Club is like and to meet some of the members.

Filling out an application and sending it in with your membership fee is the first step to becoming a member. The forms are available online and at the check-in desk during Public Meetings.

How do members communicate?

When you become an applicant, you will be invited to join the group email list for Club communications. You get a Roster with member contact information. An advocate will be assigned to you, who will facilitate your application process.

How can I show that I am a competent sailor?

Applicants get three evaluations by Club members- two day sails and a cruise of two or more days that includes an overnight stay on a boat. If you are highly experienced, with ASA certifications, you can ask to have one of the evaluation day sails waived.

There is a fuller description of the application process on our website under Membership/Forms/Application process.

What are the categories of membership?

There are three categories of membership: boat owner, skipper and crew. Skipper members are qualified to take command of a boat but currently do not have their own boat. They may belong to a club such, be between boats, or prefer to charter.

How can I learn more?

Visit our website, and/or attend Public Meetings.

How do I find out more about the Public Meetings?

The meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday from May through November. For more details, such as speaker information, location, etc, visit our website.

Pelagic Public Meetings are Free.

What is the time of the meetings?

Social Hour starts at 6 PM, 7:15 PM: introductions, followed by the speaker 7:30 – 9:00.

What’s the food and refreshments at the Public Meetings?

Drinks are available in the cash bar on the first floor. At 6:30, Pizza is available for $2 a slice on the second floor where the meeting is held.

Can I learn to sail as a member of The Pelagic Sailing Club?

The Pelagic Sailing Club is designed for sailors who have a reasonable amount of experience. Although the Club welcomes people with much to learn, it is not designed for beginners learning to sail.

How many members?

There are about 150 members. 50% are boat owners or skippers, 40% are crew, and 10% are inactive/non-sailing members.

How many boats?

There are about 50 boats

How long does it take to become a member?

When the applicant is proactive, it’s possible to become a member in less than a month. Most applicants have other activities and spread the process out over a season.

If I’m a boat owner or skipper, how do I find crew to sail with me?

Be active in the Club social activities, attend Public Meetings, and get to know people so you can personally invite them to crew.

Use our Club email to make a request for crew.

If I’m crew, how do I find boats to sail on?

Be active in the Club social activities, attend Public Meetings, and get to know people so you can personally express your interest in crewing on their boat.

The second way is to use our Club email and make an offer to crew.

What geography are the members from?

Our members are largely from eastern New England, mostly in MA and RI. Members extend from Maine to Florida and even some from the West Coast.

What sort of educational programs do you have?

The Pelagic Sailing Club offers a number of educational programs throughout the year

In the off-season there are evening workshops in members’ homes that focus on things such as safety, navigation, provisioning for cruises, first/second aid, knot tying, working with canvas, diesel engines and electrical systems.

Longer programs are occasionally on a weekend day or two on such topics as diesel mechanics, life sling, or safety at sea.

How old is the Club?

Pelagic Sailing Club has been bringing competent crew, skippers and boat owners together for their mutual sailing benefit since 1967.

Do you have day sails?

Many members enjoy evening sails after work and day sails on the weekends are quite popular and frequent.

Do you have overnight sails?

There are frequent overnight sails lasting 2 to 3 days as well as longer cruises to Maine, Narragansett Bay, Buzzards Bay, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket.

Do you have longer cruises?

Each summer there are one or more cruises of a week or more in length.

How much experience is needed to join as a crew member?

To a large extent applicants have been sailing for a few years. Many have taken sailing courses.

What size boat to become a boat owner member?

Our members have cruising boats which range in size from 26’ to 47’.

What obligations do Crew members have?

Safety first, ask to be oriented to the boat.

Good listening skills, ask questions if you are not clear about your responsibilities.

Let the Captain know your skills, limitations and learning goals.

What obligations do Boat Owners and Skippers have?

Orient crew/applicants to your boat. Show safety equipment locations.

Discuss cruising plan and alternate plans for unplanned events.

Be clear on expectations, especially for complicated maneuvers, such as docking and jibing.

Explain how to use the equipment on the boat such as head, galley, winches.

What kinds of social events do you have?

In addition to Public meetings, we have Day sails, cruises, Dinner meetings, game night, Hiking Weekend, Holiday Party, etc.

Is this a club primarily for singles?

Although about 30% of our members are single, this is not the focus of the club.

How do you define the skipper designation?

Skipper members are qualified to take command of a boat but currently do not have their own a cruising sailboat. They may be between boats or they may primarily charter.

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