ASA 105 Navigation Course, Narragansett, Winter 2016

ASA 105 Navigation Course in Narragansett.

Rob Lawnsby of the Narragansett Sailing School says this about the course:
Information about our ASA 105 Navigation Course: I have tried all kinds of ways to teach the 105 material and have learned several things. One is that six hours is all a brain can take in a day of this stuff. Another is although folks that have the best of intentions, they usually don’t study ahead of time. The third thing is the ASA 105 books leave a lot to be desired. So I have designed a course that is longer than most schools at 24 hours long, but there is no prep work ahead of time and we don’t need a study guide.

I do recommend that the book “The International Marine Book on Sailing” be purchased as it is an excellent reference book overall, and has a very good chapter on Advanced Navigation. If that chapter is read and absorbed, you would retain more of the information after finishing the course. So what I do is some theory and go into detail about chart reading and publications, but mostly do problem after problem over the first weekend to drive home the material.

There are six types of problems covered:
1. Calculating set and drift of current,
2. given set and drift calculate heading to maintain desired course,
3. a running fix on a single object,
4. relative bearings,
5. danger bearings,
6. calculating tides and currents from the Eldridge tables.
Plus dead reckoning of course.
After that first weekend I do send the students home with a practice test with answers to work through, but only half the group usually play with it. The second weekend is review the practice test doing some problems, review, and then the final test. That test takes several hours which is done on the afternoon of the last day.

Cost is $495 per person and includes the practice charts and worksheets we use.
Dates are Jan 23/24 and 30/31; Feb 20/21 and 27/28, and in March on 12/13 plus 19/20.
Let me know what works best for you! I am likely to take the Jan. series and will be driving down for them.
You will register direct with Narragansett Sailing School-see their web site below.

Will Phillips
Pelagic Sailing Club Commodore
858-829-1615 c

Will Phillips, or text to 858-829-1615

For more details:

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