Jeremy D’Entremont, Haunted Lighthouses of NE, General Meeting 2015 Oct 22

Haunted Lighthouses

By Chuck McWilliams

Jeremy D’Entremont, Haunted Lighthouses of New England

Jeremy D’Entremont, Haunted Lighthouses of New England 2016 Oct 22

At the October 22 General Meeting, Jeremy D’Entremont spoke about Haunted Lighthouses of New England. Many light house keepers lived a solitary existence in a remote location. Possibly after they passed, their spirit remained attached to the place where they spent so much time.

One candidate is the Boston Light, established September 16, 1716 and now the only one with an official light house keeper – Sally Snowman. The first keeper, George Worthylake and six people drowned in a canoe accident. Some people reported seeing figures or hearing what sounded like cries.

The New London Ledge Light on the Thames River was built about 1900. Stories circulate about Ernie the ghost. Jeremy participated in a TV show with New England Ghost Project to study the situation.

There are several other allegedly haunted light houses in New England. The Owl’s Head Light in Rockland Maine is said to be the most haunted. Sometimes eerie piano music is heard around the Seguin Light in Maine. The Rose Island light near Newport Rhode Island is said to be haunted by its former keeper, Charles Curtis. Joshua K Card. “The Captain” is said to haunt the Portsmouth Harbor Light in NH.

Several web sites offer more information. is Jeremy’s site. The American Lighthouse Foundation maintains

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