We are always looking for new members and will be happy to hear from you about your interests in sailing. Whether you are:

Pelagic Sailing Club offers the best of both worlds. Part of the club’s mission is good sailing. To that end, members may want a checklist or guide to “see the extent of their sailing skills.” Pelagic has developed a list of skills that members may want to check before, during or after joining the club. It’s a voluntary self promotional idea.

Read about the application process: [PDF] [MS Word *.docx]

On the Forms page: Applications, Checklists, and Evaluations forms are available to review, download and/or print.

Send inquiries to: Fleet Captain, Membership:

2 Responses to Membership

  1. john and emily ego says:

    hi my wife and i have been sailing about 4 years and just bought a bristol 29.9..we are members of the syc and are looking for new friends to sail with ..can we go to a meeting?

    • Manny Martines says:

      All General Meetings are open to the public. Check the calendar for any upcoming General Meeting. Please introduce yourselves to the “welcome” table, any member of the Board, or any active member wearing Pelagic name tags. Enjoy the presentation.

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