Altantic Dory Voyage, Dan Noyes, Public Meeting

Title: Altantic Dory Voyage, Dan Noyes, Public Meeting

Savin Hill Yacht Club, 400 Morrissey Blvd., Fox Point, Dorchester, MA 02125


Dan Noyes is a builder of small boats. He learned the trade working at Lowell’s Boat Shop in Amesbury. He was fascinated by the story of a Massachusetts dory fisherman who decided he wanted to build a dory and sail it from Massachusetts to England in 1876. He timed his voyage to commemorate 100th anniversary of the birth of our nation. Dan Noyes will tell the story of this epic voyage. He’s just the right person to tell the story, because he has built a replica of that dory. We’re hoping he’ll bring his dory to the SHYC.

Bernie Wideman
Fleet Captain, Meetings

Start Time: 18:00
Date: 2019-09-19
End Time: 21:00

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