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Tom Stair

Tom Stair

Pelagic Testimonial

I took up sailing again in retirement. My wife wasn’t interested, but she didn’t want me going out alone. I found the Pelagic Sailing Club through Meet Up.

I joined as Crew, and did three evaluation sails on three boats. In my opinion, this is the best aspect of Pelagic: performing different aspects of sailing with different skippers in different boats in different places. I even enjoyed the Pelagic tradition of earning sailing time by assisting with maintenance. I started to learn New England coastal geography and weather, the history of sailboats, maintenance, sail trim, and the wit and wisdom of dozens of people I would not have met otherwise.

Then I bought my own boat, and took three other members on three more evaluation sails on my boat, and began to get help with my maintenance. I joined Pelagic flotillas from Narragansett Bay to Edgartown to Provincetown and points between. I came to love potluck dinners in secluded anchorages. I never starved. I began to bring my guitar and my dog.

The vetting process is what makes Pelagic unique. I do evaluation sails as a way to meet sailors and make new friends. I can count on sailing skills in Pelagic members. I can take landlubbers out for day sails in ideal conditions, but they tend to freak out when the wind blows 25 knots and the swells top six feet and the engine quits. That’s when I value Pelagic crew that know what they are doing and crave the action.

I also enjoy the Pelagic educational and social programs throughout the year, but my favorite activity remains meeting new sailors through the application process.

Tom Stair
July 19, 2017
Gemini 34’
Boat Owner
Member since 2013

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