Testimonial 2017 Peg Palmer

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Peg Palmer

Peg Palmer

I was about to sell my boat. After a life on the water, how could this be?!!!!

A tennis teammate mentioned that they might be interested…..but why not come to a meeting of the Pelagic Sailing Club before committing?

I was hooked! Not only have I found great crew, but also the helpful souls that get me prepped, launched and decommissioned! The expertise in the club is given with pleasure to help fellow members; meetings are informative; and cruises/ social events are great fun.

With the confidence achieved through Pelagic, I upgraded to a larger boat- the Tartan with the work party Michelle refers to. MAKANAQUA was named by Marian, using initials of my kids, my dogs, and me.

Reach out – you just might get a great surprise!

Peg Palmer
2001 Tartan 3700 Hull 26
Pelagic Boat Owner Member since 2010

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