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Alan Brothers

Alan Brothers

Sailing with Pelagic.

I first learned about Pelagic while at Parker’s Boat Yard in Red Brook Harbor.  I wanted to go back to Maine with my Swan 40 ‘Lucy Vincent’ but had no crew.  Living in Washington State and keeping my boat on the East Coast has made finding sailing friends geographically challenging.

One long-time sailing friend had sailed with me from New England to Savannah and back to Maine.  We had a great time cruising Maine, which had been a life-long dream.  A few other friends had visited the boat from time to time and sailed with me for a few weeks but, at that time, none of my West Coast friends were available.  It was now August and I was anxious to get back to Maine and go further east than the previous year.  I was at Parker’s because Lucy Vincent had transmission issues just before entering Cape Cod Canal the previous fall. Parker’s had fixed the problems and, being sympathetic to my plight, had put me in touch with Tom Toomey of Pelagic. It was fortuitous that Pelagic Sailing Club had a club cruise passing through Red Brook on their way to P-Town. I got my overnight qualification on the sail to P-Town. Another member sailed with me back to Red Brook for my second evaluation, by which time Tom Toomey was available for my third and final evaluation. He and another Pelagic member joined me for a day sail in Buzzards Bay.  I think they were impressed that we flew the spinnaker.  I became qualified as a Boat Owner member in just two weeks, maybe setting a club record!
I was now able to invite Pelagic members Dick Tucker and others to join me for the trip to Maine.  We sailed to Gloucester, then an overnight to Northeast Harbor. After a change of crew, we had a great sail east of Bar Harbor in Frenchman Bay and later spent a night in Somes Sound. I made my own way to Castine, or more precisely Smith Cove with a stop at the Center for Wooden Boats.  In Castine, 2 other members joined me for a cruise down to North Haven, where we spent the night and then back up to Castine, having transited Fox Island Thorofare.  Being on my own again, I sailed over to Belfast for a few days and then down to Camden, one of my favorite places in Maine, where I had made friends the previous year.  Here Dick Tucker returned to the boat with his wife Pat.  We spent a couple of days sailing to his house on Westport Island where I was their guest for a few days. With bad weather approaching, Dick and I scurried over to Gamage Shipyard in S. Bristol where Lucy Vincent would spend the winter.  Thus ended my second year cruising Maine, made possible and more enjoyable with all the great people I met through Pelagic.

The following summer Bruce Atwood met me at Gamage where we spent a couple of weeks working on the boat and then went for a three week cruise.  This time we really made it “Down East” with a cruise to Roque Island with its mile-long white sand beach.  While in Northeast Harbor we met some other folks from Pelagic who saw the club burgee and stopped by for a gam. Bruce left the boat in S. Bristol and 2 new Pelagic crew members sailed with me to Portland and then on to Boston with a stop at the Isle of Shoals. Craig Spear arranged for a mooring for Lucy Vincent at Winthrop Yacht Club while I fixed my auto-helm. I now had a chance to visit Bruce and Marge at their home in New Hampshire, not far from Raymarine. From Boston, Lucy Vincent made her way south with a lot of help from Pelagic members, where she spent the winter at Norfolk, Virginia.
This summer Bruce again joined the boat and helped with lots of repairs.  We sailed from Norfolk to New Bedford Yacht Club, with numerous stops along the way, where we arrived in time for the 50th Anniversary party and cruise.  Being on a club cruise was new to me and we enjoyed visiting with other Pelagic sailors and doing things that I would not have otherwise known about, such as the ‘Illuminations’ at Oak Bluffs. We cruised in company of other Pelagic boats from Edgartown to Hadley’s to Cuttyhunk, where the cruise ended with Lucy Vincent rafted with Cha Ching on a private mooring.

All in all, being a member of the Pelagic Sailing Club has made it possible for Lucy Vincent to sail to a lot of interesting places and to make many new friends along the way.

Alan Brothers
Lucy Vincent
Swan 40
Boat Owner
Member since 2015

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